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20 October 2008 @ 03:33 pm
Tutorial # 6 - Jessica Stam  
to or in 5(6) steps using PS CS2. Uses Curves and Selective Coloring.

Take your image and crop it. The base I will be using is by luminantglow.

1) Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves

RGB: This is just to brighten your base so the input/output depends on your base. (Click on the line and just drag the point anywhere to the top left area. That should brighten your image)
Red: Make three points.
Bottom Point: Input: 47/Output: 35
Middle Point: Input: 123/Output: 120
Top Point: Input: 195/Output: 217

2) Layer > New Adjustment > Selective Color

Reds: -40/+10/+10/+10
Yellows: +25/+10/-15/-20
Neutrals: +10/-5/-5/0

3) Click CTRL + J to duplicate the selective coloring layer.

4) Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation

Saturation: +10
Lightness: +5

5) Click CTRL + J to duplicate the hue/saturation layer and set it to SOFTLIGHT at 50% opacity.

6) OPTIONAL! Duplicate your base, click CTRL + SHIFT + U to desaturate it, drag it to the top, and set it to SOFTLIGHT and adjust the opacity to your liking.

And you're done! PSD is provided below but I omitted the Curves so you'll have to do it yourself.


Other examples (with minor alterations):